It is a well-known name internationally, perhaps not arranged simply for mothers for the Norway, although they think it’s great as well!

Ulrik is a name from German source you to stays common around the the fresh new Scandinavian area. Ulrik mode “fuel of your wolf”, which, truly, try a pretty great name definition. It might together with suggest “rich and you may commendable lifestyle”, so this is another one the place you arrive at prefer the taste!

30. Alfred

A reputation out-of English lineage, Alfred was made preferred because of the notorious filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, even though the name was at fool around with well before Hitchcock came into the newest spotlight.

Oddly enough, Alfred form “elf counsel”, and its own nicknames include “Al” and you may “Fred”. Even with its strange definition, Alfred are a stronger name one never goes out of style.

29. Benjamin

Benjamin is a reputation one to remains prominent all over the country. They stems returning to the existing Testament and biblical day and age, however, despite how old it is, moms and dads of every cultural record should make use of this title. Benjamin setting “young man of your own right hand” and most somebody have fun with “Ben” otherwise “Benji” due to the fact a moniker.

thirty-two. Herman

A historical Germanic label, Herman setting “army’s guy”. Which term noticed a ton of play with a number of many years in the past however, provides since tapered from in popularity. Herman is a great identity, and lots of some one forget which is available up to they come across it into an infant title listing!

33. Mikkel

Mikkel is the Norwegian particular the name Michael, and it function “present of Goodness” or “who’s for example Jesus”. Mikkel is actually out-of Hebrew provider and stays ever before-prominent in Scandinavia. Mikkel is the most those labels one to manage to remain modern if you are remaining unique and you may antique.

34. Mohammed

One of the most popular brands in the world, Mohammed means “praiseworthy”. You will also listen to “Achmid” and you may “Hamid” while the differences away from Mohammed. Even though it is really not a common identity in every society, title spans a big variety.

thirty five. Alexander

Alexander is a variant of Greek title “Alexandros” also it form “defender of men”. Alexander boasts nicknames such as “Al”, “Alex” and you may “Xander”.

36. Theo

Usually brief for Theodor, Theo function “God”, because the extended type mode “God’s gift” or “provide out-of “God”. Full, Theo is a fantastic title every naturally, and you can doesn’t need “Theodor” to stand good.

37. Sebastian

Sebastian try a name out of Greek supply that implies “venerable”. Of many moms and dads purchase the moniker “Seb” so you’re able to compliment Sebastian given that label is a little enough time. Sebastian is known to be both confirmed term and you will a good surname, and it’s really best for your brand-new addition!

38. Even

Mainly an effective boys’ title, Even mode “gift” or “winner”. So it name’s incredibly popular when you look at the Norway, and you can comes from the existing Norse label “Eivind”. Even though it works out “Evan” was pronounced such as “Ivan”.

39. Leon

The name Leon try away from Foreign language descent, and it is in the Greek “lion”. The name may also suggest “strong or fearless warrior”. Leon is considered a different version of the name “Leo”, which also means Lion.

forty. Johan

A form of title “John” and you can a shortened form of “Johannes”, Johan means “Goodness was grateful”, and it’s incredibly common around the Scandinavia. Johan is actually of Hebrew ancestry, plus it continues to climb child title charts all around the business. This really is a completely classic name that provides a somewhat progressive twist on label “Johannes”.

41. Felix

Felix is a reputation of several roots and was previously a keen incredibly well-known Roman term. Felix mode “lucky” otherwise “fortunate” features been recently believed to mean “happy” otherwise “generous”. Felix are a lovable term which is essentially a bit rare, depending on your geographical area international. It can be used for sexes, but also for the essential part, it is mostly male.

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